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Tend2You serving guests

Your path to

stress-free hosting
begins here!


 It's Personal 

We work with you directly to ensure all expectations are exceeded, resulting in a seamless planning process.

 How We Define Tend 

To tend to someone or something, means "to care for, look after; give one's attention to". We'll take the weight off your shoulders so you can enjoy your own event. 

 We've Got Style 

 Compassionate & Experienced Personnel

Expert Planning & Coordination
Gracious Service & 
Uniformed Attire

 Our Commitment 

We are hard working, honest people who leave our problems at the door. We provide quality service that is genuine, memorable, and 100% focused on guest experience.

 COVID Cautious 
For your comfort. We will wear a mask and gloves upon request. All Tend2You Staff are fully vaccinated and will sanitize the space before, during and after your event.  

 We Travel To You 
Tend2You is based in Chicago and is neighborly with the North Shore / Northwest suburbs. If your event takes place within our service area, we will meet you there!


Event Planning & Bartending

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