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Tend2You began with 2 people offering 2 services.

They've been a couple since 2006, changing and growing with one another - so to say they work well together is an understatement! Mike & Jess never thought they'd wind up on a similar career path, but their opposite interests led them in the same direction. Mike started at a golf course and Jess started at a concert venue; through years of hard work they eventually began organizing events.. and they love it. Combined, they have 10 years of event planning experience and 15 years of bartending and serving experience. Both are very personable and social, it is no surprise that they spend their days making sure everyone is having a good time! As the years went on, people they've met along the way have asked them to work private gatherings at various locations ranging from small venues to backyard celebrations. Mike & Jess enjoyed helping out so much that they decided to make their "side gig" official which is how Tend2You Events, LLC evolved.  


Thank You

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Meet Mike & Jess

Event Background: Mike spends his days at a private country club where he manages the bar and helps organize food and beverage details for golf tournaments. Jess manages events at a live music night club where she takes care of everything from the menu selection to the party favors and custom signage. Mike & Jess have both planned events ranging from 20-450+ guests. They are the ultimate creators of food stations, key problem solvers, and will research main components of what you're looking for - even if that means creating it themselves. Outside of their services they can connect you with other reliable vendors for your event needs (visit the "What We Do" page for more details). No matter what you request, Tend2You will deliver!

Bartending and Serving Background: Mike & Jess's bartending style can be described as high-volume from the concerts, events, tournaments and festivals they've had the pleasure of working. Yes they can mix a quality Manhattan, but they can assure you that no time will be wasted waiting in line for a drink. They're the perfect combination of country club service with a concert-like twist! Mike experiences the utmost description of what it's like to have "regulars" from tending bar at a prestigious country club. He'll remember your name from the first introduction as well as that one drink  you had that one time  last year. Needless to say, your drink will be ready before you approach the bar. Jess is the concert and night club specialist. Most of her bartending years were spent at an award-winning country music venue where she serviced the green room for performing artists, but also tended bar for their starstruck fans. Mike & Jess both work fearlessly under pressure and find it thrilling to serve multiple eager patrons at once. For large events they bring along other industry professionals they've connected with over the years who have since then joined the Tend2You team. If you're searching for premium, top speed, classy city service... you've come to the right place!

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